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The flower shop girl | Ranui Young Photography

The flower shop girl

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The flower shop girl

On most occasions when it’s time to buy flowers, which for me its generally always on Mother’s Day, the good son that I am. I would walk into the nearest florist and ask for a bunch of flowers preferably with Lilies at a capped price. Most mothers love Lilies for some reason and don’t ask me how much I paid.

The standard options the florist or shopkeeper generally offer me are flowers straight off the shelf, or arrange the same bunch they repeat day in and day out, which is absolutely fine, but it certainly makes Mother’s Day seem even more routine than the day itself.

So I never really took notice of what made an exceptional florist, until very recently meeting one. Another year had past and it was Mother’s day again and like every other year, all day long I kept reminding myself to buy mum a bunch of flowers.

Minutes before seeing mum I ran into the nearest florist and just like every other time, the florist offered what was available or was happy to arrange a new bunch for me. I told her my budget and asked if they had Lilies, but unfortunately being late in the afternoon on Mother’s Day, they had already sold out, so I left it to her own devices and causally waited for my bunch of flowers.

Within good time she came back with the most perfectly arranged flowers wrapped in beautiful layers of quality paper. You could immediately tell some thought or talent was behind this.

But that’s not what really caught my attention, because who knows how many people would have received the same bunch of flowers that day.

What actually got me was the way she parted from them. Just as I took the flowers off her hands, for a moment I noticed her gazing into the flowers with a sad little frown and slightly tilted head to the side, like she was reluctant to let go and just wanted a few more minutes to admire her creation.

I quickly hurried off, just in case she wanted to keep them.