Escape Hunt Sydney

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Escape Hunt Sydney

Client Escape Hunt contacted me to take some photos of actual people playing the game, photos of the venue and something a bit mysterious. So to get a feel for what the game was about, me and another couple decided to play a game.

Basically, you and some friends are locked in a room with clues to try and unlock more clues to unlock more clues… and the final clue that opens a box which sounds of a buzzer to indicate you have successfully escaped, with the clock ticking on the wall applying more pressure to escape as quick as possible. This is how I would explain the game of Escape Hunt, it was quite a fun experience and definitely challenging for most people, there are no patterns in where to find the next clue and each puzzle is unique.

A must do for corporate team challenges and a good exercise to teach kids on thinking laterally, not to mention the team bonding experience.